About Auterra: Management Team

Strong managers build strong teams and Auterra is no exception. In building our team, Auterra looked for the best minds and experience available to accelerate our growth. Below is an overview of our executive team.

Eric Burnett - President & CEO
Eric is responsible for overall value creation for the company. With a strong focus on sales, markets and customers, Eric brings over 20 years of successful technology entrepreneurship to the company. Auterra is Eric's third successful technology start-up. He successfully navigated the start-up, commercialization and growth of these companies and successfully exited both previous endeavors ensuring that investors saw attractive returns.

Kyle Litz PhD - Chief Technology Officer
Kyle is responsible for discovering and transitioning the company's technology platforms into commercially successful products. Kyle brings over 10 years of world class research and development experience from BFGoodrich and GE's Global Research Center. His experience on technology evaluation task forces as well as corporate due diligence teams gives him a strong commercialization perspective on technology development.

Eugene Schmelzer - Acting Vice President of Engineering.
Gene is responsible for creating, delivering and supporting engineering license packages for the FlexUp upgrading technology and process designs for client installations. He has over 45 years’ experience in refining, petrochemicals, natural gas processing, and biomass conversion and has provided technical and management guidance to companies in the US, Europe, India, the Middle East and the Far East.

Mark Rossetti - Director of Technical Services
Mark is responsible for customer FlexUp testing, analytical support services and producing our unique products in a clean, safe, consistent manner. Mark brings 15 years of manufacturing experience to the project team. His experience ranges from unit, batch and continuous manufacturing operations. He has been instrumental in directing the FlexUP engineering scale-up effort.