Oil pipelines

Creating value from pipeline transmix

High-sulfur fuels flowing through a pipeline contaminate any products that come immediately before and after it, via mixing. Increasingly stringent sulfur regulations mean this transmix product has little value unless sulfur can be removed.

Flex cost-effectively desulfurizes distributed inventories

Small Footprint

Flex units are small and can be constructed with lower capital costs and space requirements than traditional desulfurization options

Low Utility Usage

Auterra’s technology relies on innovative catalysts and processes that require no hydrogen and use low energy consumption to remove sulfur

Low Environmental Impact

Flex desulfurization emits far less greenhouse gas than traditional desulfurization methods — up to a 70% reduction in CO2 emissions!

See How Flex Technology Works

Distributed inventory solution

Auterra’s Flex ensures pipelines keep liquid fuels flowing while cost-effectively treating contaminated transmix fuels.


Auterra can meet your application needs

Auterra’s Flex technology can be adapted for a variety of applications and environments. Get in touch with us to discuss your specific application needs and design a solution that fits.