The oil industry must address today’s sulfur gaps

The oil industry must address today’s sulfur gaps

Auterra’s novel desulfurization technology exploits the natural tendencies of oil’s impurities to effectively treat feedstocks

65% less

greenhouse gas emissions than hydroprocessing

50% lower

capital and operating costs than hydroprocessing

Flex Desulfurization: Low-cost & Low-carbon

Auterra’s family of patented process technologies and catalysts are proven to reduce sulfur with significantly lower cost and GHG emissions

Robust Catalysts

Auterra’s impurity-resistant catalysts and benign process conditions improve stream value to keep fuels in-spec or enable producers to upgrade feedstocks

Flexible & Affordable

A small physical and carbon footprint for Auterra’s treatment units opens opportunities to effectively desulfurize small volumes and heaviest feedstocks

Green and Clean

Room-temperature oxidation reactions remove oil impurities with significantly less CO2 emissions and hydrogen demand versus traditional hydroprocessing

“It’s a fight for survival in the ESG world. It’s not enough to be the cheapest barrel now. You have to be the greenest barrel now.”

Helima Croft, Head of global commodities strategy, RBC


Oil treatment technology gaps are costing the industry billions

Auterra’s Flex desulfurization technology is a proven solution when hydroprocesing is economically or environmentally prohibitive

Hydroprocessing isn’t economically viable for smaller volumes of fuel that need sulfur polishing

New international and regional limits require continued sulfur reductions in marine fuel and home heating oils

With $51 billion invested in ESG funds in 2020, oil producers must meet environmental commitments

Approximately 60% of US refinery GHG emissions comes from process heat, including hydroprocessing

0% increase
in sulfur content in crude oils sent to refineries in last 30 years
0 barrels per day
are heavily discounted as “off-spec” due to high sulfur content
0 metric tons
of GHG emitted annually by average refinery, second only to power plants
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Keep fuels in-spec and preserve oil mass

Auterra’s patented Flex desulfurization technology works for lighter streams to improve assay quality with minimal hydrogen use, and for upgrading heavy crudes while preserving oil mass and increasing feedstock value.

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Oil pipelines

Desulfurization reduces GHG emissions and upgrades oils

Auterra is a better way to desulfurize oil and it’s less cost-intensive than hydroprocessing.

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