A green alternative to hydroprocessing

As ESG (environmental, societal, and governance) emphasis increases, refineries must evaluate all possible options to improve operations. Flex is a proven sulfur treatment solution.

Flex Desulfurization: Multiple options for refineries

Bolt-on to treat bottoms

Use Flex as a frontend bolt-on to accommodate a heavier crude slate while reducing overall plant GHG emissions

Improve processability

Place Flex units after the atmospheric or vacuum resid towers to reduce process intensity in downstream units

Enable heavy fuel treatment

Position Flex to treat heavy fuel products such as marine fuels and fuel oils while reducing total refinery hydrogen use

See How Flex Technology Works

Drastically reduce hydrogen use

Flex desulfurization is more efficient at hydrogen utilization than high-temperature hydroprocessing units.

Refinery with rail cars in front

Auterra can meet your application needs

Auterra’s Flex technology can be adapted for a variety of applications and environments. Get in touch with us to discuss your specific application needs and design a solution that fits.