Auterra Inc is a clean energy company, specializing in catalyst and process technology for the decontamination and upgrading of crude oil and oil distillates. Auterra's proprietary process, FlexDS, enables producers and refiners to improve the quality of their oil and oil products by removing pollutants and increasing API gravity. With both upstream and downstream applications, FlexDS is a low-cost, low-energy process that minimizes Carbon Dioxide emissions while maximizing oil value.
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Reducing sulfur content in petroleum products and reducing global carbon emissions are two key priorities in maintaining a clean environment. Unfortunately, using incumbent refining technology, removing sulfur from our increasingly sour crude reserves is only growing our carbon footprint.

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FlexDS Upstream is a low CO2 catalytic process that removes value degrading contaminants from crude oil, while increasing API gravity. This process allows producers to upgrade the quality of their crude oil, using a novel, cost efficient process.

FlexDS Upstream

FlexDS Downstream is a cost efficient process that uses air to remove sulfur, nitrogen and trace metals while increasing API gravity. This low carbon refining process is effective on all oil feeds and is 1/2 the operating and capital cost of hydrotreating

FlexDS Downstream