Auterra Inc. is a clean energy company, specializing in catalyst and process technology for the decontamination and upgrading of crude oil and oil distillates. Auterra's patented FlexUP™ technology is a cost-effective, oxidant-based heavy oil upgrading process that removes sulfur, nitrogen and other contaminants resulting in higher crude API, lower viscosity and lower TAN. It is complementary to conventional downstream refining technologies, and works best for the most difficult to process crudes, distillates and off-spec streams.
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In times of pricing volatility the cost to upgrade heavy-sour feed stocks is critical to all sectors of the oil industry. Producers need to increase the value of their crudes; refiners need to reduce the cost of producing their products and petrochemical manufacturers need to find lower cost feedstocks.

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FlexUP™ Upstream is a low energy catalytic process that removes value degrading contaminants from crude oil, while increasing API gravity. If you produce heavy sour crude oil FlexUp can help you create a higher value crude product.

FlexUP Upstream

FlexUP™ Downstream is a cost efficient oxidant-based process that removes sulfur, nitrogen and trace metals while increasing API gravity. If you purchase crude oil, FlexUp can enable you to use opportunity crudes to lower cost.

FlexUP Downstream